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Rain. Spain.

I recently learned that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain ... but plain what? Plain yogurt? No! In this case, the word “plain” refers to the vast open flatlands of Spain. This is interesting because in math a flat two-dimensional “space” is a plane. So why isn't it, “... falls mainly on the plane”? But, then again, a plane can also be an aeroplane (a/k/a an “airplane”). It's all very confusing, but the bottom line is, bring an umbrella.

— Clint

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— Clint

Hi! I'm Clint Laskowski and this is my personal blog.

The goal of this 'About' page is to answer common questions. I'll keep adding as I develop this site.

— Clint

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#raisetheround #fundraising

— Clint

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