35 years ago today …

35 years ago today, Apple released the first Macintosh. I was almost 21 and selling Apple products back then for a retail computer store on the south side of Milwaukee called ‘The Byte Shop.’ I was one of the first people in Milwaukee to attend Apple’s Macintosh training in Chicago (which I attended in early January 1984). Because I went to the early training, I also was one of the first people in Milwaukee to be able to buy a 128K Macintosh for a discounted price of $1,995 (retail was $2,495, if I remember correctly). It’s amazing what we can buy today for even $1,000! I’ve been a big fan of Apple since they started (and also somewhat disappointed by them many times, too). The next month, in February 1984, I drove down to New Orleans for Softcon, “the first international conference and trade fair for the software industry”. It included an Apple booth with the new Macintosh. While there I met Steve Jobs (and got his autograph) and Guy Kawasaki (Apple Marketing). I still have Steve’s autograph (and several other Apple luminaries).


Clint Laskowski

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