2017 Q4 Milwaukee vs Madison Technology Startup Funding

In 2017 Q4, two Milwaukee Technology Startups received $5,497,001 in funding, by far the best quarter since I started tracking in 2016 Q1. In fact, Milwaukee beat out Madison in Technology funding for a quarter for the first time to my knowledge. I don’t say this to emphasize a separation between Milwaukee and Madison, but it is a notable event. In fact, Milwaukee and Madison are really in this together, and raised a combined $7,260,608 in 2017 Q4!

Quarterly investments in technology startups in Milwaukee and Madison over the seven-quarter period including 2016 Q1 through 2017 Q4.

Tracked Funding – Milwaukee, WI:

Tracked Funding – Madison, WI:

NOTE: As always, the following caveats apply to the above graph and findings:

  1. All information is from FormDs.Com.
  2. To be included as a Madison-area or Milwaukee-Area Technology Startup Funding event on this report, the business must be located in the Madison-area or Milwaukee-area as defined by FormDs.Com; the business must be in the Technology Industry Group (which includes Computers, Telecommunications, and Other Technology); and the business must not be publicly traded.
  3. I’m not a startup funding professional or an accountant. If there’s something wrong with this report, be nice, tell me directly or LEAVE A COMMENT, and I’ll do my best to correct it.

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