I’ve created an About.Me page. It’s at http://about.me/clint326.

No, I don’t want to fight you … I just want to defend and protect sensitive information and critical systems :-)

The About.Me splash pages are an interesting idea and maybe that’s why AOL just purchased them.

But, I don’t see the longevity in it. If it catches on, won’t most blogging software just add splash pages as a feature?

And, how is AOL going to make money on About.Me? Who’s going to want advertising on their splash page? Who’s going to want a link to AOL on their splash page?

Clint Laskowski

Hello! My name is Clint Laskowski, and I'm an Information Security Professional who helps clients identify, assess, treat, and monitor risks to information and information systems. I'm also very interested in web development and the Wisconsin startup scene.

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